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I have repurposed years of experience in corporate communication into a small but mighty consulting practice. Target clients range from a college admissions consultant counselor to heads of corporate marketing and communication organizations.
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Editing: Copy and Content

There’s nothing like a “good edit” to transform perfectly fine content into an extraordinary reading (or watching) experience. A good copyeditor handles grammar, punctuation and consistency. A good content editor is actually a content sculptor – attending to word choice, cadence and inflection.

Voice and Tone Style Guidelines

Often the missing element of a company’s brand position is the language used in every-day communication. We’re really good at tag lines and anthems but without style guidance, we often create dissonance between how we promote the brand visually and the language and tone we use when communicating to customers, partners and employees.

Integrated Communication Planning

The best program launches are the result of communication planning that includes change management practices, foundational messaging, audience segmentation, measurable communication goals, and execution that leverages multiple communication channels – external and internal.

Manager (Leader) Communication

Managers who know how to communicate effectively are typically the company’s high-performing future leaders. The best companies designate their “people managers” as a priority audience, creating dedicated communication channels and strategy to help them communicate effectively on corporate strategy, priorities and management activities.

Narrative-Based Content Strategy

Lean teams can drive wide-ranging results by applying the one-to-many philosophy to their content strategy. This starts with securing your organization’s over-arching narrative and then identifying the top-tier stories that can be “packaged” according to the target external and internal audiences. 

Crisis Communication and Issues Management

One company’s crisis is another company’s issue. Is a new CFO a crisis or an issue?  It depends on what happened to the “old” CFO. Any issue can become a full-blown crisis if you aren’t prepared with tested activation processes and templates, and a communication response team that knows what to do.  

Quick-Start New Leader Platform

Every new leader needs a plan for how to leverage communication to make best use of those first precious weeks and months. Even the CEO is a “new hire” and will benefit from an onboarding strategy that actually begins weeks before Day One on the job.


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